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Writings 2021 - Bob and the Giant Tree by Ben Gilhooly



One day, 21 year old Bob Benson was walking to his local shop to buy some milk. On the way home, a stranger jumped in front of him and told him about some special seeds that he would be willing to give Bob in exchange for his car keys. Bob decided to give him  the keys and took the seeds from him. Since he had no car now, he had to walk wherever he went now. This idea did not sit well with his wife Claire, complaining how he gave a way their only car for some stupid seeds.


Things didn’t get much better from here as since he had no car, he was forced to walk to work in the rain where everyone laughed at him upon arriving there. After a long day at work and after having walked in the rain twice, Bob got up in the middle of the night while Claire was asleep went down to the kitchen and started crying about giving away his car.  Frustrated, he threw the seeds outside in the rain and went back to bed. What he didn’t know was that the seeds were magic after all as the rain caused them to grow into a tree that went right up into the clouds.


The next day, Claire noticed the tree in their garden and immediately told Joe Duffy, the radio presenter about it. Pictures of the tree soon went on social media which caused Bob and Claire to become famous. People began lining up outside their house and Bob and Claire used this as an opportunity to make some money in order to afford a new car. A few months later, Bob was walking to the shop to get some milk when he saw the stranger who gave him the seeds and thanked him for it. The two decided to share a picture for Instagram #bobandthegianttree


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