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Writings 2021 - School shooting (a story of an hour) by Kate Harte



Tick, tock, tick, tick, tock Megan kept strong eye contact with the clock that hung above Mr Maguire's desk, teasing her as each minute seemed to go by like an hour.

Only five minutes left now until the weekend, two whole days of freedom, she thought with a smile. Megan didn't hate the people at her school, it was the long, boring classes that she hated. Nothing exciting ever happened.

Her smile slowly faded when a distinct yet subtle bang went off from what sounded like the other side of the school, leaving an eerie silence amongst the whole building. The bang itself wan't that loud, it was the ear-piercingly loud screams after it that shook the whole school.

The low whispers and laughter at the back of the class grew silent. Mr Maguire's voice ranting about how the Romans lived stopped. It felt like the whole world had frozen.

It took a full 5 seconds for Mr Maguire's class to comprehend what had just happened. "Everybody stay calm, I'm sure it was just a -" The door swung open, shaking the whole class as it hit the wall. It was the principal "EVERYONE UNDER THE TABLES NOW!"


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