Wild Words

...is taking a break.

After eight years of programming festivals and events for children and young people to explore literature, and particularly in recent years, supporting teenagers who are passionate about writing to come together, it is with some regret that we announce that Wild Words will not be continuing in 2020.
We would like to thank the Arts Council for its support up to this point and Leitrim County Council for its support throughout. We would like to thank The Dock who facilitated use to host the festival, The Irish Writers Centre and the many publishers who provided invaluable advice and assistance over the years. Most of all though we would like to thank the young people who participated in the events and their families and the many amazing writers we had the privilege of working with over the years.
Copies of Wild Words publications will remain on sale though this website as well as though Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Wild Words is developed in partnership with Leitrim County Council, The Reading Room Bookshop and Leitrim Library Service